daCi Finland was established in 1995 by merging together an informal finnish daCi group and Assosiation for children's dance educators. The latter had been formed in 1988 with aims very similar to the aims of daCi.

daCi Finland aims at
- improving the status of dance education in both private and public sectors
- developing the quality of dance education


daCi Finland pursues these aims by
- arranging courses, excursions other events for dance educators
- promoting discussion of current issues in dance education
- co-operating with national and international dance organizations
- supporting dance education projects and research

The most significant event arranged by daCi Finland was the daCi 1997 international conference:

The call of forests and lakes.

The conference gathered together 800 children and youngters and 600 dance educators from 34 countries all over the world.

The board of daCi Finland currently years 2017-2018 includes the following members:

Minna Palokangas, chair
national representative in daCi Advisory Board
tel +358 44 587 4765
minna (ät) kajaanidance.fi

Reetta Aarre-Ahtio, vice chair
tel. +358 400 971 794
reetta.aarre-ahtio (at) nto.fi

Anna-Maria Vairio
anna-maria.vairio (ät) vantaantanssiopisto.fi

Sini Kukkonen, secretary
sini.kukkonen (ät)espoontanssiopisto.fi

Sari Arokivi

Mia Nirhamo

Fanny Gurevitsch
fanny.gurevitsch (ät) gmail.com